Saturday, August 4, 2012

don't take it for granted

I have known and accepted for some time that my son is not mine. Yes, he was the product of the love between my husband and I, beautifully grown in my womb; and, yes, legally, we are responsible for him until he is an adult, but he is not ours. From the very moment of his conception, he was a beautiful gift from the Lord and we were blessed with the responsibility of raising him and leading him to know and love Christ. However, we have no say in how long we will be allowed to know that blessing.

A wonderful woman I know just lost her 3 year old son Thursday. Her son was only a couple weeks younger than my son. I don’t know why it is that I got to wake up and hug my son yesterday while she had to wake up and plan a funeral. I don’t know that there are ever any answers we can fully understand when we ask the “why’s” of tragedies.

But I do know the God I serve is faithful and in control. While it was a shock to many, God knew that little boy would be going home on Thursday, just as He knows when the rest of us will be done on this planet. We may not be able to know how many, but our days are definitely numbered.

Thank God today for giving you another day with your loved ones.

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