Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a perfectly sweet, romantic memory

Tonight, on the way home from Awana with my son, I was listening to the radio. In between songs, the evening DJ was having female callers call in with favorite romantic moments provided by their husbands. While I was listening to the multiple tales--some extreme, some ordinarily sweet--I allowed my thoughts to ponder all the romantic moments provided by my husband in attempt to decide which was my favorite.
Now, my husband is actually a very romantic man. He tries to not let people see it, but he really is. He is one of those who randomly brings me flowers (sometimes even handpicked wildflowers) or small gifts just because. He has given me the most thoughtful Christmas gift I have ever received and has, on multiple occassions, danced with me in the kitchen to no music. So, to pick my favorite romantic moment was starting to prove a challenge. But it wasn't impossible.
My favorite romantic memory, occurred on our wedding day. Now, this may seem to be an obvious choice, but it is actually something that happened on our wedding day that very few people witnessed.
When we married, we chose to do so at the local baseball field that held history for both of us. Because we were having an outdoor wedding, we poured over the historical weather information from the prior three years to pick the weekend in September or October with the least chance of rain. We chose September 13, which had received no measurable precipitation the previous three years.
The morning of our wedding, Hurricane Ike hit. A large portion of my morning was spent scrambling in attempt to move an entirely outdoor wedding to a last minute indoor location. One thing that would not change, however, was where we said our vows. We were determined to be married over home plate at that ballpark. Thankfully, the bleachers were covered and there was a spare home plate we were able to put on the platform at the front of the bleachers.
Right before the ceremony was supposed to begin, the down-pour that threatened to ruin my day (and make my hair a frizzy mess) ceased. The rain held off until we were pronounced husband and wife and had our first kiss as such. As we kissed, the rain began again, softly at first, but quickly picking up.
Upon exiting the ballpark, we were faced with a horribly wet and muddy walk to our car that would take us to our reception. There, with the rain coming down around us and people scattering to their vehicles, my darling husband swept me and my dress up in his arms and gallantly carried me to safety.  In the midst of chaos, I was protected in the arms of the man I had just pledged my life to.

The very hurricane that turned my day upside down, provided my husband with the opportunity to bless me with a beautiful memory. (Funny how life works out.)

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