Saturday, July 8, 2017

This Bridge

Sometimes, the words we need to express can only be illustrated through poetry. As such, though I have not written poetry in years, I thought I'd give it a go for some thoughts I have been processing lately.

This Bridge

And crossing this bridge,
oh how it terrifies me,
as my inner child remembers
the words you used to scream.

And my throat tightens
with the fear of losing control,
as the lies you enforced
root deeper in my soul.

And my heart shudders—
no, pounds!—in my chest,
as I push away the reminders
of why I am such a mess.

And I have to choke back
all the tears I never cried
as I focus only
on the safety of the other side.

And fearfully I cross, praying
the bottom stays this time,
as I stare ahead, petrified
of veering outside the lines.

And I try to remember
in Whom am supposed to trust,
as I breathe slowly and go,
because crossing is a must.

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