Sunday, February 26, 2012

an update of sorts...

Wow. I knew I hadn't written anything on here in a while, but I just checked my last post: February 1! I haven't written the entire month of February. I have wanted to a few times, but this month has just been a little crazy. A few things worth noting:

1. Last week, I had a blow-out on Tuesday. Then, the spare we put on to get us through until Friday decided to throw it's tread and go flat as I was pulling into the drive a day later. =( I got to spend the remainder of my week using my hubby's work van to do my marketing in... Fun stuff. =)
2. I have given up facebook for an undetermined length of time. It was just becoming too much for me and I realized it was stealing from my family and my relationship with God. That was an unacceptable situation, so I cut myself off last Wednesday. It has been difficult and I am realizing just how much time I have spent on facebook. More than I am proud to admit. I intend to go back on, eventually (it keeps me in touch with so many of my family members,) but my time will be very restricted when I do.
3. My husband and I celebrated our 9th Valentines' Day together. I made him his favorite dinner, we shared a wonderful bottle of wine and spent the evening playing chess. Yep, my husband and I play chess; it's one of the reasons I married the guy.
4. My son's language devolpement has taken off. Every day he is saying something new. Communication with him just keeps getting easier and easier. He is still learning sign language to help supplement the verbal and it is just amazing how well he can communicate with us compared to 7 months ago, before we had his tongue fixed. He has also taken off in learning other things (which he never had a delay on...) He can identify, by pointing and naming, the colors Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black and Purple. He can repeat to us all of his letters when we go through the alphabet, can identify by pointing and naming all of his letters and he can identify numbers 1-20. He has shown an interest in learning Chess and can identify by pointing and naming all the pieces; he even has taken to "playing" Chess and will get the board set up by himself (not all the pieces in the right order, but a good try.) He is very creative as well as athletic. He loves playing baseball and has shown a natural ability in the skills necessary for the sport (a huge joy to his father and I who adore the game.) He regularly takes batting practice off his tee or just in the hallway by throwing a ball in the air and trying to hit it before it hits the ground. (He can even hit the ball when we soft-pitch it to him.)........ oops, I didn't mean to make a huge paragraph about him... just wanted to mention his language developement. I just got so excited about everything else going on with him. The kid regularly blows us away.
5. My husband has a motorcycle for the first time in ten years. He has wanted one the entire time we have been together, but we haven't been able to make that expenditure until now. The thing that finally helped us make our decision that the time was right is the gas prices. We did the math and realized that the money we would spend on a used bike will be what we save in gas in 6 months! Wow. That's a lot of $$ we will not be giving to the oil companies, but  be able to use elsewhere in our budget.
6. Had my yearly eval with work. Not a single negative comment on the entire thing. (Yay, me!)
7. We have a new nephew. Born 02.10.2012. I should be meeting him in a month or so and this makes me very excited. I currently have 11 neices and nephews, all but three of them are under the age of 4! It makes family gatherings so much fun. I love my neices and nephews.

There is plenty of other stuff that has happened this month, but those are the big highlights...

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